We help people find the best scrap metal prices per pound offered by scrap yards in Houston. Many homes and business' throughout Houston have scrap metal lying about and many of them don't realise the value in the scrap metal. You can sell all types of scrap metal for top prices per pound in Houston. The most popular types of scrap metal that is bought and sold in Houston are scrap copper, scrap steel, scrap iron, lead, aluminum, brass and stainless steel. These types of scrap metal come in many forms and can be found in many places, for example scrap copper may come in the form of a copper tank or it may be in the form of copper wire. Scrap brass may come in the form of fixings as well as old house ornaments etc. The prices per pound offered by scrap yards in Houston are very competitive and over the years as demand for scrap metal has risen so have the prices per pound paid by scrap metal buyers.

Not all scrap yards in Houston display the prices per pound they pay for scrap metals such as scrap copper, lead, steel, iron, aluminum and brass. Below we will help you understand the value of your scrap metal and how much you will be able to sell it for in Houston.

Latest Scrap Metal Prices Houston

If you have scrap metal that you want to sell for top prices per pound in the Houston it is a good idea to get a rough idea of how much money you should receive when selling it to scrap yards in your local area. For example, MSC although not based in Houston are advertising their current scrap metal prices as $2.60 to $2.65 per pound for bare bright copper, they have their buying price for scrap number 1 and number 2 copper as $2.50 to $2.55 for number 1 copper and $2.35 to $2.40 for number 2. The prices they are currently advertising they pay for #2 communications wire (cat 5) is $0.75 - $0.80. The prices they currently pay for #1 electrical wire are between $1.20 and $1.25, they are also currently paying between $0.45 and $0.60 for aluminum wheels. They are at the time of writing this, paying between $0.10 and $0.16 for scrap lead acid batteries. They are paying $0.25 to $0.35 per pound for aluminum cans, many people collect aluminum cans for the sole reason of selling them when they have built up a collection of them that is worth selling. The price per pound they are currently offering for scrap aluminum sheets is $0.22 to $0.40.

Then there is Rockaway Recycling, also not based in Houston and the latest scrap metal prices they are offering for various metals is as follows. They are paying $2.70 per pound for #1 bare bright copper wire, the prices they have advertised on their website for #1 and #2 copper tubing is $2.45 and $2.25 respectively. The price they have displayed on their site for cat 5/6 insulated copper wire is $0.58 per pound. The prices they offer for THHN cable and insulated cable are $1.60 and $1.75 per pound and as for electric motors they have their current buying prices advertised as $0.16 to $0.18 per pound. The price per pound they pay for sheet aluminum is $0.40 per pound, they are currently paying $0.55 per pound for alloy wheels, $0.42 per lb for cast aluminium and $0.57 for clean aluminum wire. The prices they are currently showing for steel is $0.06 - $0.09, $0.06 for light iron and $0.09 - $0.12 per pound for cast iron. 

The prices per pound for scrap metal stated above should help you find the best scrap metal prices per pound in Houston if you simply compare the prices on our site to the prices per pound offered to you by your local scrap yard.

Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound Houston

Metal/Material Per Pound Pricing Image
Bare Bright Copper $2.60-2.65*/Pound scrap copper wire recycling scrap prices
#1 Copper $2.50-2.55*/Pound
#2 Copper $2.35-2.40*/Pound
#2 Communications Wire (cat5) $0.75-0.80*/Pound
#1 Electrical Wire $1.20-1.25*/Pound
Alloy Wheels $0.45-0.60*/Pound Scrap Alloy Wheel Price Per Pound
Aluminum Cans $0.25-0.35*/Pound Aluminum Cans Recycling Prices
Aluminum Sheets $0.22-0.40*/Pound Scrap Aluminium Sheets Prices
Scrap Lead Acid Batteries $0.10-0.16*/Pound Scrap Lead Acid Battery Prices
THHN Cable $1.60-1.75*/Pound
Electric Motors $0.16-0.18*/Pound
Aluminum $0.40-0.43*/Pound
Steel $0.06-0.09*/Pound
Cast Iron $0.09-0.12*/Pound

Scrap Metal Prices By The Pound Houston

When selling scrap metal in Houston, you should know that scrap metal is usually bought by the pound. The help our site provides will hopefully help you sell your scrap metal for great prices per pound Houston and across the USA.

Also be sure to bring full identification with you when you visit a scrap yard to sell your scrap metal in Houston. All scrap yards are required to see full identification of each and every customer they purchase all types of scrap metal from in Houston.

Use the map below to find scrap yards in Houston that you can call to request their scrap metal buying prices per pound.

Scrap Metal Prices Houston
Current Scrap Metal Prices Per Pound Houston
Here are a few more tips that should help you sell your scrap metal for the best current prices per pound in Houston and across the country.

If you have various types of scrap metal it is always beneficial to separate into metal types. Many scrap yards in Houston will offer their rock bottom prices for mixed lots of scrap metal that is brought in to them. They do this because it is extremely time consuming for them to separate your various types of scrap metals and in a business where time is money, they do not like wasting time.

As mentioned above, make sure you bring valid full identification with you to a scrap yard when attempting to sell scrap metal to them. If a scrap yard isn't asking for ID, i would be wary as a scrap yard buying metal that could be potentially stolen is just as, or at least nearly as bad as the metal thieves themselves. Read this article for more information on scrap metal laws in the USA https://www.gov.uk/government/news/.